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In the early 80's we decided to move and live in Ibla, the old neglected for a long time neighborhood of Ragusa.

We were strongly encouraged to go and live in the old area of Ragusa, plunged in its atmosphere between silent tuffs and forgotten monuments, confident that our choice, could help to bring some life in this fantastic neighborhood.

Slowly, things are changed.
Increased attention in Ibla grew, from oblivion to curiosity. Starting from curiosity in the houses built in the hill of Ibla, then the discovery of the patrimonial monuments which further created interest in this splendid little city.

The recognition to protect its historical monuments arrived for Ibla by UNESCO as monument of humanity; the citadel became the set for prestigious festival and films that have increased public awareness and the appreciation of visitors.
We thought it was the right time to open our home to visitors and, with respect for its historic architecture, we proceeded to make it functional and comfortable.

Now we are ready to host, with the traditional warmth of this beautiful land, the curious traveler who love going to these Mediterranean landscape, enjoying the 'African blue sea, breathing the persuasive atmosphere of Ibla, diving in the history of the ancient county of Modica and in the Baroque of Val di Noto,exploring the natural charm of the Ibleo territory.





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