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gli interni i panorami il palazzo

Ibla is a baroque city. It was rebuilt after the tremendous earthquake of 1963 on the original medieval plant, and It's one of the most intriguing city of the magnificent Val di Noto.


The b&b is located in the left upper floor of the building “Sortino Trono”, a baroque monuments of the Val di Noto included in UNESCO World Heritage list.


The palace dominates the “Archi” district, which is the connection between the ancient city, rebuilt on the ruins caused by the earthquake of 1693 and the new city built on the plateau.


The building, slightly behind the facade of the “Sortino Trono” palace, is located on the lower level of the "Plan of Gentlemen", and it gets the same architectural features.


The style of the building is the late baroque, that by the time changed its rich shapes in moderate ones.


The sculptures that decorate the capitals, corbels and concrete is based mainly on ideas of animal and plant world, expressed in a rich variety of shapes,also fully exploing the characteristics of the soft local stone.


The "Plan of Gentlemen" on which the building insists, it's about ten meters above the level of the Market street, and the area is about three meters height of difference between the main facade oriented to the north and the back.


The Prospect Street on the back, in Ioppolo street is much easier; it's reachable by “Salita dell'Orologio”, curious and very narrow staircase that is wedged between the Palazzo Sortino Trono and the adjoining bell tower of the Chiesa del Purgatorio, almost wanting to relate with the simplicity of popular fabric of the neighborhood.